Our dedication to creating a safe and stable workplace extends beyond sterilization, lighting, heating, ventilation, and fire safety at Kummas Surgical. We emphasize our employees' well-being by implementing comprehensive processes to reduce accidents, injuries, and exposure to hazardous chemicals in the workplace. Our continuous commitment to a safe workplace is a pillar of our CSR campaigns.


Our healthcare solutions positively impact patient outcomes, contributing to global advancements in the specialized field.

Product Safety

We ensure product safety and quality, working closely with regulators, retailers, and consumers to maintain the highest safety standards.

Employee Well-Being

Kummas Surgical promotes employee well-being through wellness programs, encouraging healthy habits to enhance productivity.

Enviromental Responsibility

Kumas Surgical is reducing its carbon footprint by utilizing renewable energy and advocating for sustainable practices across all industries.


We advocate for policies addressing climate issues through teamwork and collaboration, enhancing our global impact in the fight against climate change.

Child Labour

Our organization strictly prohibits hiring individuals under 18, adhering to international labor standards and upholding ethical practices.